Through a unique mix of style, nightlife and personal p.o.v. Katya Moorman created Style Defined NYC which developed a cult following by New York’s riotous underground tribe. She is currently a consultant for the site.

StyleDefined NYC has also expanded to include other unique NYC contributors.

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Izabella Zaydenberg – Editor


Olivia Inkster

With a Journalism background and a whirlwind history in the music, fashion and lifestyle industries, Olivia Inkster knows what’s going on. Beginning at age 20 at major fashion NYC publications, she quickly discovered that she was drawn to innate style that existed in the streets themselves of New York. Olivia is inspired by her travels, intriguing vast experiences, and the enchanting figures she’s encountered in her lifetime. She’s consistently on the hunt for the next person, place or thing that jumpstarts the blood flow. From documenting her escapades on international tours to spotlighting emerging New York City-based fashion designers, Olivia Inkster is a lady about town. Catch her if you can.

TessMoneyBioTess Money is a makeup artist currently working for NARS Cosmetics in SOHO, NYC. With more than 7 years of experience in the world of beauty, Tess has earned her merit as a beauty expert giving advice and makeovers to nightlife icons, boss babes of the underground fashion scene, and queens from everywhere in between.

Always seeking aesthetic satisfaction, she combines her keen interest in fashion with her penchant for cuteness and absurdity. The results of her personal styling can be described as borderline obnoxious – always finished off with her sharply lined eyes and her signature four-pair false lashes. Her professional work reflects an understanding of design and her ever-present strive for perfection.

Tess has lent her creative direction and artistry to fun projects with companies such as Sanrio, Japanese fashion line 6% dokidoki, Sugarpill Cosmetics and more. Her work can be found in numerous international publications including Elle UK, Vogue Brasil, and Inked Magazine.

With her boundless energy, Tess is just getting started. Follow her beauty obsessions, inspirations and advice closely, as you never know what she’ll be into next.

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