How to wear a sheer lace maxi skirt

Sheer Lace Maxi skirt I saw this girl today on Crosby Street and had to stop her. She is beyond adorable and was really sweet as well. I’ve seen alot of girls wearing sheer skirts with short skirts underneath. Hers kind of does double duty with a fitted solid top part above the sheer below which looks better to me than seeing a skirt underneath. She paired it with a modern floral top (which is not TOO “floral” which you guys know I’m not a fan of) and sandals with socks –another trend that while I know may look ridiculous but I just love.

p.s. and she is not “pretending to model” by putting her hand on her head, it actually was a bit breezy and she was controlling her hair!

By Katya Moorman

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