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Linda Rodin rocks denim

February 13, 2017

Even though I take photos of “street style” I often take photos before, after or during parties or events I’m attending because I like to show how people look “in my world” -meaning where I actually go as opposed to hanging out in the Meat Market Packing District or elsewhere looking for people. So it’s not often that I’ll chase someone down on the street! But when I saw Linda Rodin walk by on my way to the Ace Hotel I had to stop her. She is positively chic and I might add, utterly charming. –Isn’t it funny how the truly chic are also more often than not really nice and those who are merely trendy tend to be the ones with bad attitudes? But I digress!

What I love in this look is her absolute fearlessness in wearing denim. From her jeans to her dress to her oversized Prada bag. While the bag is not denim it does remind me of a pair of Diesel jeans I used to have that I labeled my Britney jeans –in reference to Ms. Spears…the print looks much better on a bag!

Linda Rodin was a model in the ’70s which explains how effortlessly she popped onto the car to pose. (and please note her perfected Street Style Pose on the left that I’ll put any girl in who feels awkward in front of the camera!) She’s now created her own line of elixirs for the skin, lips and hair RODIN olio lusso which you can learn more about on her website –or in this month’s Vogue!

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