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Julie Lopez Shoes: my new favorite heels

February 13, 2017

I am a major fan of high heels. I would live in them 24/7 if it was practical. This is in large part because I am 5’3″ when I stand up straight and so love to get any height I can! For the past few years I’ve been fully into the platform trend –even though some of them bordered on a bad disco aesthetic–and while I’m not ready to relinquish my platforms, there are times when I want just a classic, elegant pump.

The problem is, however, after a childhood of ballet training I’ve developed nasty bunions and most high heels cause serious pain after about 45 minutes…until now. One night I came home and randomly put into Google “high heel shoes for bunions” and this is how I discovered Julie Lopez shoes.

Founded by a woman in North Carolina, it’s a small collection of simple elegant pumps. But what makes them different is how they’re constructed to alleviate pain from bunions. (you can see more about that here) Honestly I don’t care how it works –just that it does– and the fact that the shoes are all made in Italy out of gorgeous leathers doesn’t hurt either! Now when I’m out I can have a second glass of champagne just because I feel like it instead of to mask foot pain!

*One note: I originally ordered an 8 which is my regular size but in these shoes a 7.5 fit better. (not only are my feet more comfortable they’re smaller! LOL)

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