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RichieAdrianAdrian sent me a video that he worked on as Creative Director called GenderFucker starring Richie Moo and asked if I might put it on StyleDefined NYC. I pretty  much never put up content other than my own and then never from total strangers. But there was something about the video and Adrian’s email that just made sense to me… now Adrian is a contributor to StyleDefined NYC and they’re both part of my amazing NYFW team!

A little more about them:
Adrian -follow on twitter
I arrived in NYC close to two years ago. Since then I focused on meeting people that shared my love for the fashion industry. As a student of Psychology back in my hometown of Puerto Rico, I was fascinated by the people I was lucky to meet. I found the inspiration necessary to collaborate with different artist and began working on projects immediately. I am inspired by the unity of Eastern and Western culture. Creative director of the Gender Fucker project. I love the industry and I want to push the limits of it in tasteful ways.

What I love most about NYC?
It is full of wonder and at times what feels like magic. You work hard to stay here because you feel as if you couldn’t do this anywhere but here. It’s the social center of this planet. It’s either Tokyo or NYC you know what I mean?

Richie Moo: follow on tumblr
Richie Moo student of fashion and arts, muse of various designers in his hometown of Puerto Rico. Moved to the big apple to live his dream at a grander stage. Now working on various projects, through modeling, styling and art directing, he’s exactly where he wanted to be.

What I love most about NYC?

This is the place where if you really want it, you can make your dreams come true. It is the place that makes you feel like a star the moment you arrive.

By Katya Moorman

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