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I don’t know if you got the memo, but Halloween as we know it isn’t happening in New York City this year due to the hurricane damages. More than anywhere else Halloween in NYC is a holiday for grown ups and not just the herds of children in Park Slope. I personally was excited about 3 parties I was planning on attending: at Le Baron NYC where my friend Colleen Nika was going to DJ and Joseph Quartana as well as Cody Ross was one of the hosts. Then there was Halloween @ Westway where our fave pop star Natalia Kills was slated to perform and then finally the bacchanalia that is the party of the legendary Susanne Bartsch which was to be at the Copacabana. And that’s just what I personally was planning to hit up….sigh…

Sure a few parties have popped up for tonight instead but…really? I’m staying in tonight. But in the meantime thought I’d post some Halloweenesque pix. Not all of these are from Halloween celebrations but they’re all from amazing NYC nightlife parties and really there is very little difference!

take care and stay safe. xx

By Katya Moorman

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