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The Sunday Post: To Splurge or not to Splurge?

By on February 14, 2017

Let me talk to you about everyone’s favorite subject (including my own) — shopping.

How about we start off with an exercise? Think about everything you bought in the last month. Exclude food, rent, bills, what have you — just think about all the clothes and beauty goodies that you scooped up from the first of the month until today. I’m willing to bet your list has at least several pairs of shorts, skirts, dresses, and tops, a countless number of rings and things, and let’s not even get into how many lipsticks you scooped up because they were BOGO at CVS. Now add all of it up — what you remember, anyway. If you don’t have receipts, round it up. How do you like that number? Is it in the hundreds? Thousands?

The issue isn’t that us girls like fast fashion. Lower end doesn’t necessarily translate to savings: just think about how many pairs of leggings you bought for less than $10 at a major retailer in the last six months.

The thing with lower-priced products is that they’re not meant to withstand the test of time and wear. Think back to those leggings. How many times did you wear them before you got a tear, or before they bagged out? Sure, they were probably super cute when you first picked them up, but how much did you actually wear them before you threw them in your Donate to Goodwill pile?

I like to think of it as somewhat of an equation: cost/wear, or cost per wear. Let’s take that proverbial pair of leggings, which we’ll say, for arguments sake, cost $10. How many times did you end up wearing them? Let’s say 5 times before they became too baggy or lumpy. The cost per wear of the leggings — $10 divided by 5 — is $2. Bet those leggings don’t look all that appetizing now, huh?

Let’s take a splurge item — say, a pair of Splendid leggings that are guaranteed to last you to the apocalypse and back. As of today, they’re $55. Say you’ll wear them 30 times (and I’m being stingy here — trust me, you can live the rest of your life in those things). Do the math, and you should get $1.83 as the cost per wear. With this formula, those Splendid leggings came out to be cheaper than the $10 pair. Crazy, right?

There is somewhat of a curve to consider here. The formula only works for basic items — you know, things that would never go out of style. I’m talking about slouchy tees, minidresses, ankle boots, denim; you know, things you buy to purposely wear over and over again. Trend items — think totally trashed jeans, comfort sandals, anything Kim Kardashian wears — are only meant to be worn once or twice before they go out of style and are forced to be hidden in the back of your wardrobe.
Cost per wear doesn’t really work because, well, how many times are you really going to wear those cutout harem pants?

So, as you can see, there are occasions that splurging is, in fact, the more cost-effective thing to do. However, saving is still important — especially on trend items. A true fashionista can combine the two seamlessly, and create a seamless, wonderfully curated closet.

What are your thoughts? Do you follow the rule of cost per wear when you shop? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comfortable Heels You Can Actually Walk In

By on February 13, 2017

I’m just not a heels girl. That doesn’t mean I don’t like heels — oh, I do — but I love my feet more. I bust out the odd heel every now and again for nights out, formal occasions, and important meetings, but for the most part, I live in flats, booties, and Birkenstocks. Can you blame me?

That said, there’s nothing more unattractive than a girl that can’t walk in heels — yet insists on wearing them. This usually happens during Fashion Week, when heels (along with sneakers, surprisingly) become a uniform of sorts. It’s always really, really fun to watch the newbies traipse up and down the steps at Lincoln Center, teeter-tottering in their stilettos (even better when this all happens during a snowstorm, like F/W 2014).

One of the best pieces of advice I received was from a big-time editor at a major magazine several years ago: unless you don’t regularly wear heels, don’t wear them to a really important meeting, like an interview or a client dinner. No one will say anything about those flats or that low heel, but they definitely won’t stop talking about a girl that’s walking like she has a tree growing between her legs. Instead, opt for a shoe that you’ve either spent time breaking in, or a lower (think 3 inches or shorter) heel. Trust me: your feet will thank you later.

Take a look at the cutest walkable heels — I bet you won’t even miss those Kim Kardasian-esque pumps.

The Top Comfortable Heels

Valentino Leather Rockstud Kitten Heel ($995)

These are the heels that spurned a million knockoffs, and got just about every editor, celebrity, and girl-about-town in a tizzy. There’s a reason these are known ’round the world: besides being super chic, they’re crazy comfortable. The heel is just the right height to give you a bit of a lift, yet still manageable. The studs add an edgy touch to an otherwise feminine silhouette. Wear these with a feminine frock, a pair of skinny jeans, or even with your favorite cutoff shorts — seriously, these guys go with everything.

L.K. Bennett Pointed Toe Pumps – Floret Signature Pump ($325)

There’s a reason Kate Middleton is a major fan of L.K. Bennett (she even wore a pair of wedges from the label the day after her wedding!). These pumps are made for walking, and still look every inch their taller counterpart. The point-toe adds a bit of sexiness, while the sleek patent leather is undeniably chic. Wear these as you would your favorite black heels — trust me, your feet will thank you.

Jeffrey Campbell Callista Kitten Heel Pumps ($120)

Jeffrey Campbell — otherwise known as the messiah for cool girls everywhere — came out with easily the coolest heel ever. The chic d’orsay pump comes in a dual-texture look: ultra-soft suede at the toe, and a patent leather heel cap. While there are three different colors to pick from (a nude, a black, and a grey), I recommend opting for the dove grey to pair with black skinnies.

Loeffler Randall Tali Perforated Pumps ($350)

Summer calls for a fantastic red heel. These Loeffler Randall stunners are made for late nights and movie dates. The laser-cut geometric patterns add a modern spin, and keep the shoe from being too ladylike. Wear paired with a pair of boyfriend jeans, or better yet, a full A-line skirt.

Disclaimer: All prices are correct as of June 18, and are subject to change.

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Julie Lopez Shoes: my new favorite heels

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I am a major fan of high heels. I would live in them 24/7 if it was practical. This is in large part because I am 5’3″ when I stand up straight and so love to get any height I can! For the past few years I’ve been fully into the platform trend –even though some of them bordered on a bad disco aesthetic–and while I’m not ready to relinquish my platforms, there are times when I want just a classic, elegant pump.

The problem is, however, after a childhood of ballet training I’ve developed nasty bunions and most high heels cause serious pain after about 45 minutes…until now. One night I came home and randomly put into Google “high heel shoes for bunions” and this is how I discovered Julie Lopez shoes.

Founded by a woman in North Carolina, it’s a small collection of simple elegant pumps. But what makes them different is how they’re constructed to alleviate pain from bunions. (you can see more about that here) Honestly I don’t care how it works –just that it does– and the fact that the shoes are all made in Italy out of gorgeous leathers doesn’t hurt either! Now when I’m out I can have a second glass of champagne just because I feel like it instead of to mask foot pain!

*One note: I originally ordered an 8 which is my regular size but in these shoes a 7.5 fit better. (not only are my feet more comfortable they’re smaller! LOL)

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Uber Cute outside Chromat

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Yesterday I went to CHROMAT by Becca McCharen: loved it and the review by Adrian will be coming shortly! I stopped this model on the way out because I thought her white coat was absolutely unique and adorable.

And equally adorable was her outfit underneath: A small leather jacket with a white dress and (surprise!) a CHROMAT piece. I loved how her whole look was only black and white which is keeping with a major trend of the moment!

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Quilted pants? Actually yes!

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I don’t know if I’ve ever seen quilted pants before…I think the idea of added bulk is enough to scare many women away from such a concept. But they looked like a fresh and relaxed alternative to say…black skinny jeans on her. The midriff exposing fitted top balanced them out nicely as well.

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What to Wear: Shopping

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It’s nearing the tail-end of October, which means that we only have one month left until fall 2014 becomes a distant memory. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: it means that the holiday season is nearly upon us, and that, consequently, spring and summer are back on the way.

You know what else late fall brings? Sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday — all are coming up just around the corner, so you better believe it that when I’m not glued to my computer looking for a place to spend my hard-earned cash, I’m hitting up SoHo or the boutiques in Brooklyn. Here’s the problem — whenever I go out shopping, I always end up dressing in way too many layers, so usually by the time I get to the fitting room, I have a ton of things I need to take off to try on clothes before I have to put them back on again.

The trick to successful dressing for going shopping? Keep things as simplistic as they can be. Minimalism is key, ladies!

Check out my favorite pieces to rock on a shopping day — next!

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