Waking the Dead at Rasputin

LAlala - by Bobby Webster |

Saturday Night at Rasputin, Luke Nero and Andres Rigal’s famed nightclub of sin, excess, sex, and fashion, Styled Defined NYC Favorite Rick Genest made an appearance to host a “ZOMBIEBALL.” The night took on a decidedly darker and edgier turn, with accessories and harness designer Dear Raymer providing the Red Room fashion, Johnny Cota of Skingraft manning the decks on the patio during an unseasonable chilly LA night, and enough Zombies and Undead to fill a graveyard.

Inside, where it was a tad bit warmer, Scissor Sister DJ Sammy Jo worked the thirsty crowd into an absolute frenzy and I haven’t seen a party pop off like it did in quite some time. Clothing became “optional,” the go-go boys began to, lets say, become extremely intimate, and the euphoria that seeped across the room was hot enough to warm all that ice cold zombie blood.

It was certainly a killer night to remember, and one that will not be forgotten. Additionally, with Sharon Needles debuting her new record and single next week, the edge and fashion appear, thankfully, to be back in 2013 in Los Angeles, and trust me, it is very warmly and happily received.
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By Katya Moorman

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