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What to Wear: Shopping

February 13, 2017

It’s nearing the tail-end of October, which means that we only have one month left until fall 2014 becomes a distant memory. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: it means that the holiday season is nearly upon us, and that, consequently, spring and summer are back on the way.

You know what else late fall brings? Sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday — all are coming up just around the corner, so you better believe it that when I’m not glued to my computer looking for a place to spend my hard-earned cash, I’m hitting up SoHo or the boutiques in Brooklyn. Here’s the problem — whenever I go out shopping, I always end up dressing in way too many layers, so usually by the time I get to the fitting room, I have a ton of things I need to take off to try on clothes before I have to put them back on again.

The trick to successful dressing for going shopping? Keep things as simplistic as they can be. Minimalism is key, ladies!

Check out my favorite pieces to rock on a shopping day — next!

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