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Chromat Autumn/Winter 2014: Bionic Bodies

February 13, 2017

They say: The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2014 Bionic Bodies collection tells the story of a love affair between a human and a robotic being.

Interactive maps of the internet and websites like Tweetping and Reddit inspired the material palette of wearable semiconductor light source technology paired with lush velvets and chromed metal plating.

Drawing from Becca McCharen’s theoretical background in architecture and urban design, Chromat focuses on structural experiments for the human body. Chromat began in 2010 as an extension of McCharen’s degree in architecture design. Her continued interest in structure, scaffolding, exoskeletons and the intricacies of undergarments have been explored as each new collection develops. Chromat pieces have been worn by Madonna, Grimes, Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj and most recently, Beyonce and her dancers on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

We say: Who knew you could make architecture so damn sexy? Becca McCharen pushes her signature structural garments in opposing directions. The first is towards a softer side of lingerie, body suits and dresses that caress the body. They invite the viewer to see the shape of the woman beneath the clothes. The other direction creates a protective shell. Caged sleeves and chrome-plated dresses exaggerate form. They demand you keep a distance to take in the total effect. Pieces created with LED lights take this much further. As they went down the runway in the dark, the bodies beneath them were completely hidden. The lights created the shape. It was sensual, it was eerie. While this may not be practical for the everyday girl, I imagine they’ll stun in a radical way on whichever Diva takes this collection from concept to stage.

Chromat’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection truly embodied Chromat’s primary concept: Structural Experiments for the Human Body.

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